As the chief election official, the County Clerk must check ballot measures for timeliness and see that the measure is worded as required by law. The Clerks office plans, coordinates and conducts all elections in Grant County. It ensures that elections are conducted according to statute and other related requirements.

The Clerk's Office provides uniformity in the application, operation, and interpretation of election laws and assures that the public is provided complete and accurate information. It directs the preparation and maintenance of records related to:

  • Mailing
  • Polling places
  • Precincts
  • Voter and candidate services
  • Voting activities

Anticipated schedule of Grant County election results updates after Election Day

Candidate Fees

Candidates Filing Fees Contact Clerk
List of Registered Voters - Walking List $25.00 Set-Up Fee plus $0.01 per name
Voter Registration - Walking List $0.05 per voter
Voter Registration Address Labels $25.00 Set-Up Fee plus $0.50 per page


Open Positions

SEL 101 Filing Form