As per ORS 111.075, Jurisdiction of all Probate matters, causes and proceedings is vested in the County Courts of Gilliam, Grant, Harney, Malheur, Sherman and Wheeler Counties, and in the Circuit Court of all other counties. Deliver all Filings to:
Brenda Percy
Grant County Clerk
201 S Humbolt
Suite 290
Phone: 541-575-1675
Fax: 541-575-2248

All fees and amounts are expressed in United States Dollars.


Probate forms are available locally at Radio Shack, 139 E. Main Street, John Day, OR 97845 or online at


Filing Fees to Initiate Probate Proceedings for ORS 130.355

Small Estate filing fee$124
Guardianship filing fee$124
Trust filing fee$281

Filing Fees For Estates / Conservatorships: INVENTORY BASED ORS 21.310(1)

Estate / Conservatorship Filing Fee: Up to 50,000$278
Estate / Conservatorship Value: 50,000 to 999,999$591
Estate / Conservatorship Value: 1,000,000 to 9,999,999$882
Estate / Conservatorship Value: Over 10 Million$1,176

Annual or Final Accounting Fees For Estates / Conservatorships

Up to 50,000$35
50,000 to 999,999$298
1,000,000 to 9,999,999$591
Over 10 Million$1,176

Letters: Administration, Conservatorship, Guardianship, Testamentary

AllORS 21.325(8)$5

Wills without Petition for Probate

AllORS 21.310(4)$11

Answer, Motion, Objection, Request for Summary Determination / Notice

AllORS 125.060(4)$26
AllORS 21.310(5)$26

Claimant Request for Summary Determination

AllORS 21.310(5)$265

Trustee Petition to Determine Creditor Claims

AllORS 21.310(5)$265

All Other Filings

Appearance in Estate ProceedingN/A$281
Appearance in Conservatorship ProceedingN/A
Appearance in Guardianship ProceedingN/A
Register Foreign Conservatorship/GuardianshipORS 125.845$124
Petition for Summary DeterminationN/A
Motion for Summary JudgmentORS 21.200(a)$111
Affidavit Destruction of WillORS 112.820$124
Objection for Respondent or Protected PersonN/A
Objection to Appointment of Temporary Fiduciary or to Temporary Fiduciary's AuthorityN/A
Certified Copies of LettersN/A
$3.75 plus $0.25 per page