County Court

Grant County is one of seven Oregon counties with a County Court system of government consisting of a County Judge and two part time County Commissioners. A County Court is unique in that it is responsible for all executive and legislative matters, with some limited judicial responsibilities falling to the County Judge.  

Executive Responsibility

County Courts hold executive responsibility for all matters having to do with the County in general.  In Grant County, the sole legal contracting authority lies with the County Court.


The County Court meets on the first and third Wednesday of each month for a regular court meeting. The meetings are open to the public and also livestreamed via WebEx.


For instructions to join from a mobile device or by telephone, please see the current County Court Agenda.

Documents & Claims

Agreements, contracts, grant applications, and other documents associated with the receipt or expenditure of public funds require prior approval by County Court. The Court is responsible for all claims approved during the claims process, policy development, conducting the County’s ongoing business, and management of County employees.


In addition to holding regular meetings, special meetings, public hearings and appeal hearings, the County Judge and Commissioners participate in a variety of committees. 

Legislative Authority

The County Court exercises general legislative authority over all matters of County concern.  County Courts are representative bodies vested with legislative power by statute. A majority of the governing body constitutes a quorum. 

Judicial Responsibility

Judicial responsibilities of the County Judge are limited to issues of probate such as:

  • Conservatorship
  • Estate Administration
  • Guardianship
  • Marriage