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Everbridge enables residents and businesses to self-enroll to receive various types of emergency alerts, severe weather warnings and community notifications.

Customized Alerts

Subscribers can enter notification interests, preferred contact methods, locations, as well as language, special needs, and delivery preferences. Additionally, subscribers select the types of alerts they want to receive.

Severe Weather Alerts

Everbridge directs alerts to public subscribers who are in the direct path of the storm, providing advanced warning of severe weather. Everbridge receives direct feeds from the National Weather Service and automatically interprets the geographic area affected, and delivers targeted alerts immediately to subscribers in the impact area, with no staff action required.

Public Safety Alerts

Deliver emergency alerts from the state and public safety agencies, notifying subscribers of situations that threaten their personal safety such as crime / imminent danger, hazardous materials, and need for immediate evacuation, based on the subscriber’s location(s) and alert preferences.

Community Notifications

Deliver notifications of events of interest to the subscriber, such as road closures, power outages and school weather closures.

Public Notification of Emergency Messaging

Grant County has several ways to notify the public of emergency situations and community information pre and post disaster response. Community members are encouraged to opt-in and subscribe to our local emergency notification system Everbridge Mass Notification System. We can’t alert you, if we can’t reach you.

Everbrdige Alerts

County residents can chose up to three ways to receive emergency notifications:

  • Mobile numbers (email sign up required)
  • Residential and business landline numbers (automatically included)
  • Text messages (sign up required)

Grant County Notification Guidelines & Message Language

Alerts will cover every public emergency you are likely to encounter. The alerts will always be prefaced with the identifying agency that requested the alert:

  • Emergency Communications Center
  • Emergency Management
  • Fire Department
  • Grant County Sheriff

Advisory Level & Hazard

The alerts will state the advisory level and hazard, recommendations or specific instructions.

Example Alert

An example of an emergency advisory alert you are likely to receive on the Everbridge mass notification system would appear as:

  • Grant County Sheriff: Level 3 flash flood advisory. Canyon Creek, Evac to high ground immediately. Monitor radio/ phone