Boards & Commissions


Individuals interested in serving on a Grant County committee are encouraged submit an Application To Volunteer to the County Court office or by completing the online volunteer application.

Obtain an Application To Volunteer by contacting:
County Court
201 S. Humbolt Street
Suite 280
Canyon City, OR 97820
Phone: 541-575-0059
Fax: 541-575-2248
Email Laurie Stinnett at 


Current volunteers who are no longer able to serve in their appointed position are encouraged to send a letter of resignation to the County Court office.

Important Notice

Grant County strives to maintain diversity among committee membership with regard to age, gender, location of residency, and profession.

Formal Bodies

Grant County Court oversees and maintains several volunteer groups. Each is a formal public body required to comply with Oregon Public Meetings Law, Oregon Revised Statute (ORS) 192.610. Some public bodies are required by Oregon Revised Statutes and others were established by the County Court. These boards and commissions include:

  • College Advisory Board
  • County Budget Committee
  • County Compensation Board
  • Fair Board
  • Grant County Extension and 4H Service District Advisory Council
  • Grant County Extension and 4H Service District Budget Committee
  • Grant County Regional Airport Commission
  • Library Advisory Board
  • Mental Health Advisory Board
  • Natural Resource Advisory Committee
  • Planning Commission
  • Road Advisory Board
  • Senior Citizens Advisory Council
  • Southeast Area Commission on Transportation
  • Wildlife Advisory Board
  • Wolf Depredation Advisory Committee


Vacancies are advertised in the local newspaper on a quarterly basis and appointments are considered by the County Court as part of that process. Exceptions may be made at the court's discretion when an immediate appointment is needed to obtain a quorum.

Public Meeting Laws

Public bodies are responsible for complying with Oregon Public Meeting Laws, being aware of the terms of its members, and keeping the County Court informed of committee activities and vacancies by submitting meeting minutes to the County Court office. Committee chairs, their designees, or a department staff member may make recommendations to the County Court regarding committee appointments.