Filing Fees

  1. Small Claims
  2. Residential Evictions
  3. Civil Actions
  4. Commercial Evictions
  5. Other
  • Plaintiff's Filing Fee $37
  • Defendant's Answer Fee $37
  • Defendant's Answer with Demand for jury trial $225
  • Plaintiff's Fee after Defendant's Demand for jury trial $75


The Clerk of the Court shall not accept for filing any document except upon the payment of the appropriate fees or such other fees as may be allowed or required by law. Payment of fees must be by cash, money order, cashier's check or debit/credit card. The Clerk SHALL NOT accept personal checks for the payment of fees; personal checks are not legal tender. The Clerk shall accept a fully completed petition for waiver or deferment of filing fee in lieu of a filing fee, but shall not file any document until an order allowing the waiver or deferment of fees is entered by the Court.