Driving Privileges in Oregon

To operate a motor vehicle on highways or premises open to the public in Oregon, you must possess a valid driving privilege. Your driving record in other states may affect your privileges in Oregon.


Your driving privileges may be suspended or revoked by a court or by DMV. Some of the reasons for a loss of driving privileges are:
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, drugs or inhalants
  • Failing to appear for a court date
  • Driving uninsured
  • Too many traffic convictions
  • Failure to report a vehicle crash
  • Failure to pay child support


You must know what type of suspension(s) you have to determine the steps for reinstatement. Requirements may include:
  • Period of suspension, if applicable, must be over
  • Submit required documents; certificate, report, proof
  • Pay $ reinstatement fee to DMV

For additional information, go to Oregon DMV.